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Dushan Zaric


Dushan Zaric is the cocktail mastermind behind world-famous New York bars Employees Only and Macao Trading Company. In fall 2017, Zaric will oversee all beverage concepts for Downtown Los Angeles’ historic Hotel Figueroa which include Bar Alta, Bar Figueroa and Rick’s. 

Widely recognized as an industry leader and a pioneer in craft bartending, Zaric’s innovative work behind the bar has revolutionized the art of the cocktail. Zaric’s unforgettable drink programs are successful beyond compare while his lighthearted and unpretentious approach to mixology is both refreshing and accessible. Zaric is dedicated to inspiring a new generation of bartenders that thoroughly understand and take pride in their craft. In that effort, Zaric cofounded The American Bartending Institute of New York and travels around the world to conduct seminars and training sessions. Zaric has become one of the industry’s most celebrated advisors and mentors, while maintaining his passion for bartending. 

Zaric is a notable author and his book Speakeasy: Classic Cocktails Reimagined, from New York's Employees Only Bar, which was awarded Top 10 Cookbooks of 2010 by New York Magazine. An entrepreneur and influencer, Zaric’s accolades include Forbes Top 50 Tastemakers of 2012 and “Best Bar Mentor” in Tales of the Cocktail in 2014.